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Television - Is it still something to watch?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Tubes and 3 channels

Shiny, brand new TV sets in the 1960s

When #television was first invented, it was a brand new, shiny way to watch radio programs. Television was a family event; something to be done with others. The amount of television programs that exist now is unthinkable to try and count. When I came home from school, watching TV was my #1 activity (after completing my homework, of course). However, television provided a great escape from our everyday boring lives. Whether we wanted to go into space, strike "black gold", or try to be in our husband's musical show; television provided us with some of the best #entertainment over many years. Moreover, the #invention of television provided a more in-depth view for #news programming as well. Television became a part of the lives of everyone from the moment in entered our homes nearly 70 years ago.

Lucy and Desi
For many years, America's Favorites Couple

Jackie Gleeson and company
The Honeymooners

To many, television has lost its shine. Of course, with #streaming services and #ondemand, #watching television has become more available to many. However, #classic television shows have seemed to be forgotten in the way that #radio is in this day and age. Some of the funniest #TV moments in history, in my opinion, occurred on classic TV shows. For example, who remembers #Lucy and #Ethel working in the chocolate factory (no #spoilers here!); if not #google it and you will laugh until you can't breath or a #sergeant in a war camp "seeing nothing". Nevertheless, the simple formula of #comedy and good old-fashioned #wholesomeness may not age well for some classic television shows, but that's what makes them #timeless in the 21st century. Watching a television from the #1950s and #1960s and realizing that it hasn't aged well into the 21st century shows how well television and us, as a society, have grown.

Classic TV Shows

Family gathered around TV
Watching TV was a family event

Some of the best television shows in the last 70 years were first broadcast in black & white. Something about imagining the proper hair color or work shirt fired off the imaginations of many who watched TV growing up. For example, Lucille Ball was a red-head; but black & white TV made her hair look golden if you didn't know what she looked it before #color television made its appearance in the early #60s. Classic TV shows provided many the steady everyday life that all American families may have gone through at the time; with added comedic events. Television brought the family together and after the show was over when #learned a #valuable #life lesson.

Main Title of the Addams Family
The Addams Family

Of course, now we live in a more #equal #society where anyone can create a television show or #series; however the perfect formula isn't just the #writing. The #actors that fit just right can help make a good television show a great television show. Moreover, more than 2 #actors can create television magic which makes watching TV all the more enjoyable to watch. Some of the best classic TV shows, in my opinion, weren't just 1 actor carrying the show, but the entire #ensemble cast. This is how TV #magic was made; whether the show was making you laugh, cry, or excited by the action. Television had us excited to watch it; now we just #chill and #binge forgetting that television was a way for have us wind down for the #evening. But, today's society has become too fast for the laid back pace of many classic TV shows; which makes them more enjoyable to watch and laugh like no one can hear us or cry when no one can see us.

a legit family show
Leave it to Beaver

Andy Griffith and Don Knotts


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