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These are my top 10 favorite games for 2018!
Just my opinion, folks.






God of War

Kratos was back! Not only did Kratos take his show into the North; but he left a lot of bodies there too. The area was a unique change from what we were used to, but the new geography was a great backdrop along with the new characters. The game play was like seeing an old friend, and the addition of new character that is essential to the game play was wonderful. Also, when a game gives you twists; they're good for it.

Rating: 10/10




Far Cry 5

I wish I could throw this game away, but I can't. When a video game plays like a movie, you need to follow it through to the end. The entire game was disturbing, but intriguing. The idea of a cult taking over a town and having a hold over people is scary, but Ubisoft delivered. Ubisoft took a chance with an idea that may no take well to others, but the game was very well done from the story to the visuals and the world they created.

Rating: 9.5/10


Battlefield V

Battlefield 1 went in a different direction, and it paid off. The multiple story lines and characters had you pulled in from the beginning. The graphics were amazing, and my first drop into Battlefield multiplayer was worth it. Battlefield V was just as enjoyable, and the multiplayer was just as enjoyable. Going to World War 2 was a great way to enhance the throwback game play of Battlefield 1. As a single-player, I wish they could focus more on that aspect as we single-player do still exist. Overall, a solid installment in the Battlefield series that has a fairly high replay factor.

Rating: 9/10






Assassins Creed: Odyssey

I love the Assassins Creed series. I look forward to a new game each year, and they rarely disappoint. Odyssey was a unique change to the Assassins Creed line up as you could choose a particular player to start your journey with: Kassandra or Alexios. The backdrop of the Greek landscape was very wonderful to see. Ubisoft creates vast worlds in which the player can explore. Odyssey was vast in story and game play. High replay value, but I despise micro-transactions that seem to be needed in order to advance that game play.

Rating: 9/10






Forza Horizon 4

If only the game were real. Forza Horizon is a gem of a racing game. I wish I played more racing games, but I'm just not that good at them. However, Forza Horizon is this rare series where I will play a game for the enjoyment of the visual aspects of racing on tracks from all over the world. The cars are stunning and the weather effects are memorizing. Overall, a racing that doesn't get it's due even from me but I give them their props. Forza Horizon is an amazing racing game where I wish I could go into the game and just drive.

Rating: 9/10






Red Dead Redemption 2

Could Red Dead Redemption 2 be better than its predecessor? I cannot answer that question, because my brain might explode. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a beautiful open-world joyful experience of late 1800's Western culture and society. The story line is wonderful and vast, as I like my stories in video games like my movies; they need to be dense but not boring. The world went on and on, and you didn't want to leave whether from exploring or completing the missions. Overall, a great replay value that doesn't disappoint but sometimes you need to leave the Wild West for the real-world.

Rating: 9.5/10






Detroit: Becoming Human

This blind-sided me. This game hit me in the head, and knocked me out. The 3 main characters created a seamless story line that kept you engaged through each character interaction and new avenue in which you need to take the story and the characters. This game reminded me of the Infamous series in which your actions guided your characters into how they grew throughout the game. Overall, this was a gem of a game not only visually but through the plot of all the characters as well.

Rating: 9/10





Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara, you're a heroine that is flawed but wants to do the right thing. I'm still trying to figure out what that is in this sequel to the reboot, Rise of the Tomb Raider. Like the predecessor, the game play is smooth and the visuals are outstanding. However, the story confused me a bit and some of the paths were a bit difficult to figure out, but this gamer didn't give up. Overall, the game was great in terms of continuing Lara Croft's new story and making her a bit more intriguing for the 21st century. The controls seemed stiff sometimes, but not to stall the game play or rage quit.

Rating: 9/10




Darksiders III

Darksiders is a game series that gives you a bit of God of War controls embedded into it. Where God of War uses Greek and Norse mythology; Darksiders uses Western religion, Christianity for the most part. The first 2 games were great in terms of game play and world expansion. The third game in the series had a lot to live up too, and it was worth the wait. Playing as the Horseman Strife, you need to follow through the continuation of the 2nd Darksiders game. The antagonists (7 Deadly Sins) were difficult for this players, but the controls were fun to get a hold of once I got the hang of them. While playing the game was enjoyable, the only downside was coming out later in the year kept me from digging deeper into the story. However, this is a game worthy to keep playing even though it can be frustrating.

Rating: 8/10





Just Cause 4

Rico is back! Just Cause 4 was like playing a demolition derby while going through the story. This game was just plain fun to play; which effected how I played the game. The weather effects were visually appealing especially since they could cause actual havoc when trying to complete the story. The world was beautiful to go through and play through the stages in which Rico needed to end The Black Hand; whether with a tank, car, or tornado. Like Darksiders, this game came out late in the year in which it was difficult to get a good grasp on the game play.

Rating: 8/10

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