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TOP 10 Must See Movies of All-Time

Ten movies I think every movie lover must see. They are across different genres and eras, but I think they need to been seen at least once.







Schindler's List

Schindler's List was released in 1993 by Steven Spielberg. It is based on the novel Schindler's Ark by Australian novelist Thomas Keneally. The film follows Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson, who saved the lives of more than a thousand mostly Polish-Jewish refugees from the Holocaust by employing them in his factories during World War II. This movie should be seen at least once; no matter your color, race, religion, or political affiliation; see this movie once please. Set aside a few hours, the movie is 3 plus hours long, and watch it with an open mind and an open heart. This movie along with The Diary of Anne Frank, Sophie's Choice, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas will move you emotional.

Rating: 11/10






The Godfather

I'm about to make you an offer you can't refuse; you need to watch this movie at least once. I'm serious! The Godfather is the standard of any gangster movie in the last half century. This movie gives you a family who love each other and will do anything; I mean anything to protect, love, and kill for. If you don't believe me; just watch The Godfather and then watch in again and then you realize mobster movies that were released after this movie had this blueprint to work off of. Also, the actors in this movie are some of the most award winning that have come out of Hollywood in the last 50 years. Moreover, if you like The Godfather go ahead and finish the trilogy; Part 2 and Part 3. Personally, I love The Godfather even with the time jumps confusing me; but you will fall in love with the Corleone family even when you shouldn't.

Rating: 10/10






Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" when fell in love with a princess, a farm boy, an old man, and a scoundrel. Then, we watched the entire movie and released there was a lot more we needed to learn in this new universe of Jedis, Fighter Pilots, the Empire, and why does Darth Vader wear that mask. Star Wars: Episode IV is where many of us fell in love with this universe and never looked back; even when you got more movies, graphic novels, actually novels, and animated TV shows. This 1st movie directed by George Lucas gave many of us something to hold on to no matter how old we got. No matter how you fell about the Star Wars Universe; Episode IV is a must see at least once to immerse yourself in a Galactic War to save the Republic.

Rating: 9.5/10








Forrest Gump

Once you heard the words, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get."; many fell in love with Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks played the title character of this 1994 movie to perfection; which earned him an Academy Award. This movie is the total package, in my opinion. You laugh, you cry, you fall in love with all the characters as live through many of the most poignant moments of the 20th century. This movie should be watched at least once, especially if life decides to punch you in the face for some reason or just because.

Rating: 10/10







This movie takes the idea of the "American Dream" and runs with it at 100 mph. Al Pacino plays Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant,  who arrives in Miami in the 1980s with nothing to lose and wants the world. This movie is violent, full of action, and suspense; while also becoming a pop culture staple over the last 30 years. Most people can quote a line from Scarface, even if they have never seen the movie; it has become that ingrained within our culture for wanting the world as our own even if it means going through every one. This movie is a must watch as it has become the blueprint for many "nobody" to "somebody" characters.

Rating: 9/10






Monty Python and the Holy Grail

This movie is the crowning jewel of comedy. The 6 gentleman who help create the comedy of Monty Python's Flying Circus are showcased in this absolute comedic joy of music, dance, and jokes that are timeless. Like the movies of Mel Brooks, the comedy group of Monty Python gave us some of the best comedic moments in this movie. If you love comedies, this movie is the blueprint for many. If you love musicals, you need to watch this movie as well. After watching this movie, you will be quoting lines left and right and wondering why you haven't seen this movie before.

Rating: 9/10









Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is was released in 1941 by Orson Welles. Orson Welles was made infamous after his radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds. Welles was the movie's producer, co-screenwriter, director, and star. The picture was Welles's first feature film. For many critics, filmmakers, and fans it is considered to be the greatest film ever made. Citizen Kane is particularly praised for its cinematography, music, editing and narrative structure, which have been considered innovative and precedent-setting.  Citizen Kane eschews from the traditional linear, chronological narrative, and tells main character's story entirely in flashback using different points of view; many of them from aged and forgetful associates, the cinematic equivalent of the unreliable narrator in literature. This type of storytelling now has been used by Quentin Tarantino in such films as Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction. This is the film that to many; changed film-making to this day.

Rating: 9/10









Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks is a genius. If you don't know who Mel Brooks is; please leave now, I don't need this kind of negativity in my life. Mel Brooks directed this movie and co-wrote it with Gene Wilder. If you don't know who Gene Wilder is; "why are you here?!" Young Frankenstein was released in 1974 and is comedy horror movie; yes, comedy then horror. The film is a parody of the classic horror film genre, in particular the various film adaptations of Frankenstein. The film was shot in black and white which is rare for the 1970's, but it works well with the storytelling aspects that Brooks was trying to create. Like many of Mel Brooks films, some of the dialogue is quotable, and those familiar with Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder's works when recognize it. Other Mel Brooks classics include Blazing Saddles, The Producers, To Be or Not to Be, and Spaceballs. But don't worry, when watching these classics; "At least it's not raining"

Rating: 9/10






The Lion King

The Lion King was released in 1994 by Walt Disney Pictures and had the classic musical format as other Disney classics like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was the 34th animated movie released by the Walt Disney Studios. Not only is the story and character timeless, but so is the music. The music was written by Elton John and Tim Rice. This is the movie that help raise kids. It feels like you're watch a Shakespearean play, but without so much death. If you don't shed one tear during a few certain scenes while watching The Lion King; you have "no soul". This movie continued the resurgence of Disney animation like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin before. Of course, there is a live-action remake in the works to be released in 2019, but seeing the original is a must-see.

Rating: 10/10









Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai is a Japanese masterpiece co-written, edited, and directed by Akira Kurosawa and was released in 1954. Kurosawa is regarded as one of the most influential directors in film-making. The story takes place in Japan in 1586. The story is of a village of farmers that hire seven rōnin, master-less samurai, to combat bandits who will return after the harvest to steal their crops. The movie is in Japanese, but the storytelling and action that Kurosawa created is timeless. This is the movie that inspired the original The Magnificent Seven 6 years later in 1960 staring movie legends Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, Steve McQueen, and Charles Bronson.

Rating: 9/10

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