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TOP 10

My Top 10 Favorite Movies for 2018.

They may not be the best reviewed movies, but I like them.

Just my opinion, folks.





Avengers: Infinity War

Just like Black Panther is a movie we needed, Infinity War is the movie we wanted, but couldn't believe we were watching. Avengers: Infinity War is the ultimate complication of Marvel heroes in one movie. It worked out to perfection! The characters that we have been introduced to in the past 10 years were on display and each one got their time to shine. From the beginning to the end, the movie didn't slow down; it kept us on the edge of our sits until the end where we needed answers and we were just sitting in the dark asking ,"what?!" A must see, to just make sure you saw what you just saw; then watch it again.

Rating: 11/10







Black Panther

We needed this movie! The whole world needed this movie. This movie had a long road to completion and the result of the waiting and hard work of all those involved was worth it. All the performances were top notch from background actors to main actors. The visuals were beautiful as well as the costumes. Moreover, the action was fantastic. Overall, the story was thought provoking and soul-crushing. I love movies in which they make me think deeper than just what's on the surface. A must see, multiple times no matter the time.

Rating: 10/10





Deadpool 2

A man is a red suit bringing us joy is wonderful, and it's not Santa Claus. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, and was born to play Deadpool. This movie is funny, action packed, and thoughtful. Yes, thoughtful. While giving us, the best of Deadpool quotes, the interactions between all the characters is awesome. I was laughing non-stop, and sometimes I should not have been laughing. This is a movie that earn its R rating, but is worth the watch; maybe 2 or 3 times.

Rating: 9/10 







Mission Impossible: Fallout

Another movie series in which I give money is the Mission Impossible series. How does a series 6 movies deep keep it fresh? Well, for some movie goers if you give us something familiar we will show up(Hello, Ving Rhames! Nice to see you again!). The addition of new characters, Mr. Cavill & Ms. Bassett (Hi!). Moreover, the backbone of the Mission Impossible series is the action (Tom Cruise doing his own stunts, ok?!). Mission Impossible has some of the best action sequences in movies in the past 10 years. Therefore, when you are watching this movie don't get up during the first 45 minutes; trust me!

Rating: 9.5/10







The Incredibles 2

Finally, The Incredibles gave us a sequel. The wait was worth it. The movie picks up right after the ending of the 1st movie, and it takes off from there. The movie was perfect as a parallel for what's going on in 2018. While not giving too much away, a must watch for the family or individual who needs to refocus on what's important. Pixar does this very well; which is why I give them my money when they release a movie. Moreover, Jack Jack is a star along with Edna Mode. Trust me on this.

Rating: 8.5/10







A Star is Born

When a movie is remade, some people get bent out of shape about it. This remake directed by Bradley Cooper (Yes, Bradley Cooper) was wonderfully made and gave its 2 (Yes, 2) predecessors a wonderful salute. Lady Gaga is an absolute gem of an actress in this movie and Bradley Cooper as well. As a music fan, this is a movie you should see, but also the performances. The music helps tell the story and is the background for the story to be told. Overall, if you don't have some type of emotion while watching this movie and after; you need a soul check.

Rating: 9/10






Ant-Man and the Wasp

Yes, a comic book/super hero movie that has a great story. In this sequel to Ant-Man this movie followed the main character Scott Lang after Captain America: Civil War. Scott is joined by Hope Van Dyne (The Wasp) in order to stop a person who is stealing tech for some purpose that they need; for why, and how? Watch the movie. The movie was fun especially with returning characters as well as the visual effects. Also, like Marvel movies; you need to stay until the end.

Rating: 8.5/10







This movie threw a curveball (Yep, that's a baseball reference). This movie was based on a true story; which is a genre I enjoy. However, the story was too true that I kept laughing when I knew I shouldn't. The premise of the story was simple for a true story. The main actors involved gave great performances, but the movie just threw me and not because it was a Spike Lee movie either. This is a must see movie, even just for the acting performances. ***Note: I couldn't find a suitable movie poster.***

Rating: 9/10







A Quiet Place

"I'm not a horror movie fan". I repeat, "I'm not a horror movie fan". However, if the suspense is a main character like the actors than I'm willing to give it chance. This was a great story from John Krasinski which stars him and wife Emily Blunt. A movie in which sound or lack of sound is a character is a great technique to grab the movie goer and keep them rooted in their sits.

Rating: 8.5/10






This was a pretty good movie. I love comic book/super hero movies. We are at the stage with technology that creating certain characters is getting better that they will seem real as the actor playing them. Tom Hardy did a great job, but I was hoping for more character development and interaction for Eddie and Venom. However, the action was intense and story kept me in my sit the whole time.

Rating: 7/10

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