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How playing games can change your real-world perspective

Playing certain types of games like simulations or real-time strategies may change your real-world perspective

With the new innovations of technology over the past 5 years, playing video games may change are perspective in the real-world. Video games have become a more social aspect of our culture in the past 10 years then in the past 25 years. For me, playing video games is a solo or single-player endeavor. Over the years, finding a new video game genre can become a new found experience in my game play experience.

For example, #TheSims have become a major part of my video game experience. I was introduced to The Sims in 2001; about a year after the game was released. The Sims is the main reason I still play games on PC. Overall, I am a console gamer because that is what I grew up with. However, The Sims are a major part of my gaming experience. Whether I am creating new Sims or creating new stories to tell; The Sims are a great game for the individual who wants to expand the best ideas that have and can see then on a screen. Moreover, #TheSimsGallery is a great way to see how many people all over the world like to create Sims, build houses, and create stories.

In addition, #Nintendo has given us different gaming experiences over the past 10 years that have help gamers and non-gamers. The introduction to the #Wii was a great way to have the whole family come together and play video games in 2006. In my household, the Nintendo Wii was played by my mom and I at least 3 times a week. Nintendo has created gaming systems that bring people together, and not just in your own household. Over the past 5 years, Nintendo has given us the #WiiU and more recently the Nintendo #Switch for consoles.

Video games are a bit of escape for people; however it can also be a reset to the real-world and how it effect us. Sometimes you can't just sit in the dark or look at a screen for hours upon hours, but the joy of playing a video game whether racing through the tracks of the Mushroom Kingdom or creating a new story because real life is already too weird is a great tool for resetting real life. Video games can change our perceptive of the real-world, but we also need to make sure we engage in the real-world as well.

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