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Question: What TV show did you use to love watching but now realize that it is a harmful or problematic TV show when you look back on it?


Answer: The Flintstones. This classic TV animated series was always watched when I was young. The episodes were always on TV just when I got home from school. Recently, I started watching it again with the Boomerang app; and have realized The Flintstones have not aged well. Fred is a chauvinist, and Wilma stands up for herself, but sometimes she bows down to “the man”. I do realize the show was created in the late 50s and early 60s; but The Flintstones do not do well in the 21st century. Moreover, if Fred tried any of his shenanigans and comments; somebody might hurt him.

Question: What show from the 90s do you frequently watch? Also, is it on any streaming services?


Answer: Xena: Warrior Princess is a show from the 90s that I watched consistently. The show was a spin-off of Heracles: The Legendary Adventures. It ran from 1995 to 2001. The show was very action-packed for the time, and as a lover of Greek Mythology, I loved how they tied in the characters with the myths. The show today might seem “campy,” but there was humor, action, and drama.

Moreover, the show crossed cultures to show how far Xena traveled throughout her life. If Xena was from Greece in ancient history, she and Gabrielle (her best friend) traveled to India and China throughout the series multiple times, which is impressive if you think about it. I still find the show very entertaining, and glad that all the seasons are on numerous streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

I still have cable/TV as well as streaming services. I like the “freedom” of watching any tv show or movie when and where I want and can by smartphone, tablet, or computer. Lastly, I understand that streaming services need to supplement their income to stay profitable, but continuing to raise prices will lose you, customers, faster than blinking. Recently, Netflix lost over 2 million customers due to its price hike.

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